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Handmade Soap / Charcoal Detox

Handmade Soap / Charcoal Detox

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A great deep cleanse for your skin.

Activated charcoal is known for it’s deep cleansing properties especially for troubled skin and breakouts. Fragranced lightly with Rose Geranium, Lavender & Tea Tree Essential Oil. 

Saponified oils of olive, ( calendula), coconut, rice bran, shea butter, Macadamia, castor, water, colloidal oatmeal, essential oils, charcoal clay, colour, silk.

**Free from parabens, artificial hardeners, chemicals and phylates.

*As all of our soaps are handmade, no two bars are alike or identical to the picture. This means you are getting an original every time!



Made in Australia

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